July - August 2014, Rosendale, New York: Women’s Studio Workshop



With the help of Studio Manager Extraordinaire Chris Petrone, two Monitors were installed in two locations on Women’s Studio Workshop sites.  One eavesdrops on the fertile conversations that occur on the back deck, where everyone who attends the WSW Summer Arts Institute (plus staff, interns and instructors) gathers for a delicious provided lunch each day.  The other is paying attention to the ArtFarm, the latest, now permanent, location of a project WSW has been conducting for nearly twenty years: raising, experimenting with and documenting home-grown paper fibers and dye plants.


The WSW ear-colors were again based on local fungi, specifically on a type of bolete Artistic Director and Co-Founder Tatana Kellner had collected to eat earlier in the week; I’d gone along to help.  And, with Chris’s enthusiastic support, these pieces are tests of both a new type of internal structure and a new attachment strategy.  Chris volunteered to keep me informed about how they age in the ever changing regional weather.


From the back deck: not very obtrusive.  Just as it should be.

© Melissa Jay Craig 2015