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Hopefully helpful answers to FAQ:

Full-size images:

Click on the red 'view larger images HERE.' under 'Viewing Options', which appears on each page directly above the thumbnail images. 

Use the arrows at the top right of each page to navigate between images.


Each full-size image is captioned with the work’s dimensions, materials used, and date created.


The site is an ongoing archive, rather than a catalogue of available work.

When I no longer own a work, 'Private Collection' or the specific public collection appears below the caption. 

Works in private collections are generally not available for exhibition. (Feel free to ask, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll know a work’s location.)

Please contact public collections directly.

(Exhibitions are often booked 1-2 years in advance, which also influences availability.)


I generally expect the museum / gallery / venue to cover all shipping costs.

Thank you for your interest!


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